How it all took shape...

I'd always liked the idea of using the past as my inspiration for modern day life. During my time at University I wrote my dissertation on how Punk fashion had originated and how it influences modern day fashion. I loved researching past trends and designers and went further and further back in time and began to obsess about the 1920's and 30's. 

When I became engaged on NYE 2011 and I had the chance to pick my own ring, the glamour and glitz of post war 1920's was my first choice. I suppose my desire to replicate and embrace the past snowballed from there onwards. My ring was a 1920's heirloom bought for a bargain price at  A R Ullmann Antique Jewellers, Hatton Gardens, London. I then went on to have a superbly amazing 1920's themed Hen Do with a trip to 'Cafe de Paris' in London to 'Wham Bam's' Burlesque night with all my closest family and friends. 

So when it came to the planning and design of my wedding,  I obviously became transfixed with everything concerned with weddings and of course vintage. I collected, rummaged, bought, begged and borrowed to fill my special day with as many original vintage goodies as I could. 

I was working as a Secondary Textiles and Fashion teacher at the time I got married, so enlisted the help of the students and other staff members to help me make my wedding as personal and handmade as we could. Chair bows were tied in hessian by excited students and my wonderful friend Louise,who also moonlights as a textile artist, screen printed a design I had created onto tea towels as favours for each of our guests. We folded and tied, it took what seemed like days to complete, but the results were fantastic. 

I designed the invitations myself on Illustrator after finding inspiration on Pinterest. My husband carefully cut and collated each one, sending them out with luggage tags for RSVPs (which we kept as a keepsake in our memories box).

The evening before we travelled to France (coincidentally our birthday- yes I know very strange my husband and I share the same birthday!), we had our poor friends Craig and Leanne working hard late into the night finishing off our Order of Service booklets and getting us organised! Meanwhile, bridesmaids spread the length of the country worked tirelessly decorating jar after jar with hessian, lace, bows and fancy trim! My husband and I are forever grateful to everyone that helped during this special time. The morning of departure came around and we packed all of our precious cargo in my teeny, tiny Nissan Micra and off we drove to France with a convoy of friends. 

From suitcases, still etched with the original owners address details, to mason jars embellished with hessian and lace, my bridesmaids and I spent the night before the wedding meticulously setting out each of the tables. So thankful for their help, it became apparent that not everyone that gets married would have this wonderful team of ladies to help them!  

So the wedding day came and was marvellous. It was over in the what seemed like the blink of an eye. We frolicked in the sunflower fields at sunset and danced until the music stopped...then sang and danced to the sound of our own collective voices, a moment I will never forget. Whilst the day was over, I will have the memories for a lifetime.